While the TGS grinder easily handles high precision, tight tolerance (+/- .00002”) parts, the TGS outshines the competition when it comes to grinding bearings. Having worked with bearing manufacturers worldwide, TGS understands the challenges of bearing grinding. Precise grinding of the outer diameter of the bearing is critical to all future manufacturing processes. TGS’ ability to meet extremely tight tolerances (.00002″) ensures that out-of-spec bearings will not join the costly scrap pile.

The TGS-CL-6020 boasts a rigid machine bed, designed for the most accurate roundness and size control – two key factors in bearing processing. Further, TGS’ CNC centerless grinding machine is extremely adaptable and can handle varied bearing sizes, eliminating the need to buy a second or third grinder. As one Midwest-based TGS user explained, “What we have is a centerless grinder that is very robust, repeatable, and easy to run. When it’s time to switch parts, we make a few minor adjustments and it’s off to the races.”

Having developed hundreds of bearing grinding applications with stringent size tolerances, the TGS team knows that if the grinding is off, the rest of the bearing will be off. Before the bearing even reaches the I.D. grinding stage, it has already undergone many other manufacturing processes. That means that any scraped bearing is expensive, and with oodles of bearings running through production, the scrap heap can grow quickly. In other words, the grinding process must be flawless. The TGS grinder’s extremely rigid base and other design features address this issue by ensuring that roundness and size control specifications are met day in and day out.


To meet high production rates required by the bearing industry, TGS offers a number of automation options, including robotics, gantries, vibratory bowl feeders and roller/belt conveyors.


Available controls include FANUC, Siemens and Allen-Bradley.

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