TGS delivers complete turnkey grinding systems worldwide that can run parts nearly immediately, without the need to integrate outside modules such as automation. GCH takes total responsibility for the entire project, from design through installation. 

TGS’ new centerless grinder is ideally suited for high-volume fastener grinding. Here’s why:

  • Turnkey automation (grinding cell)
    Numerous automation options available, which eliminate nearly all operator interaction with the grinder, lessening the chance of human error.
  • Simultaneous processing of various parts
    Ability to process multiple components per cycle with robotic part loading/unloading.
  • Quality control
    Optional post-process gaging system verifies that all fastener features within specification
  • Application expertise
    In-house design of tooling and automation grippers for quick change and reduction of setup time.
  • Highly accurate and repeatable grinding
    Full CNC machine controls hold part geometries with high precision, facilitates set and ensure part accuracies
  • Proven processes
    Fastener geometries are guaranteed through CpK or Ppk studies, which also validate an extremely stable process.

Do you have a lower-volume fastener application? The TGS centerless grinder easily adapts to nearly all types of material including “exotics,” while still meeting high tolerance specifications.


To meet high production rates required by the fastener industry, TGS offers a number of automation options, including robotics, gantries, vibratory bowl feeders and roller/belt conveyors.


Available controls include FANUC, Siemens and Allen-Bradley.

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