Mining, Gas and Oil

TGS has built a solid reputation in the mining, gas and oil industries by meeting the need for rugged machinery that reduces cycle times, boasts extreme accuracy and handles even the most complex geometries. Manufacturers can trust the TGS-CL-6020 centerless grinder to churn out thousands of part with nary a hiccup.

TGS manages your entire project from start to finish, including machine design, engineering and build, automation design and integration, electrical design and engineering, controls and software programming, machine testing and runoff, on-site installation, and training and certification services. We take total accountability and responsibility for your project.

TGS’ new centerless grinder has earned accolades from industry experts. An independent grinder consultant has termed TGS’ centerless grinder as “well built” and “well designed.” A recent FEA analysis of the TGS-CL-6020 centerless grinding machine conducted by machine tool specialists reveals, among other findings, that “. . . the static and dynamic stiffness values of the TGS-CL-6020 are greater than other centerless grinders in the market, [making] the machine more capable and more accurate. Major problems in previous [centerless grinder] machine designs have been overcome.”


To meet high production rates required by the mining, gas and oil industries, TGS offers a number of automation options, including robotics, gantries, vibratory bowl feeders and roller/belt conveyors.


Available controls include FANUC, Siemens and Allen-Bradley.

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