19 Fun Facts about Centerless Grinders That Will Impress Your Colleagues

19 Fun Facts about Centerless Grinders That Will Impress Your Colleagues

If you’re as big a fan of the centerless grinder as we are, you’ll put these 19 truths to good use quicker than a fastener though a grinder.  Within these facts about centerless grinding machines lie tidbits of information, all of which are sure to impress and inspire. Here are 19 water-cooler-worthy facts, listed in no particular order:

1.      Strike!  Most bowling balls are finished on a centerless grinding machine. 

2.      The centerless grinder was originally invented to grind bicycle axles.

3.      Throughfeed grinding is more popular than infeed grinding by a factor of 3:1.

4.      Along with metals, a centerless grinder can accommodate cork, glass, porcelain, wood, rubber and plastics.

5.      Coolant and coolant flow are critical components of centerless grinding success.

6.      Centerless grinding is among the world’s four most popular grinding processes.  The other three are cylindrical grinding, internal grinding and surface grinding.

7.      Centerless is commonly referred to as the “black magic” of grinding because it’s not as straightforward as putting a part on a fixture and grinding. 

8.      There are over 10,000 videos on youtube.com that feature centerless grinders.

9.      Centerless grinding machines have lower consumable costs as compared to other industrial grinders.

10.   A centerless grinder lends itself beautifully to automation

11.   As of 2014, there were 10,000+ centerless machine operators working in the United States.  

12.   A centerless grinder is versatile and can perform additional tasks such as cleaning, buffering or polishing.

13.   Grinding time on a centerless grinder is less when compared to other types of grinders.

14.   Today’s CNC centerless grinding machines achieve tolerances of 10 millionths of an inch.

15.   Centerless grinding achieves roundness, surface finish and dimensional tolerances that nearly always surpass the norm in metalworking.

16.   Lewis Heim is credited as being the inventor of the centerless cylindrical grinder.

17.   Centerless grinding machines boast grinding cycles that are faster than Secretariat on his fastest day. 

18.   Centerless grinders do not use a spindle or fixture to locate and secure the workpiece.

19.   It is not uncommon for a centerless grinder to run for 75 years or more. 

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