Quick Guide: Installing a New Centerless Grinding Wheel

Quick Guide: Installing a New Centerless Grinding Wheel

Whether every three days or every six months, your centerless grinder will need its grinding wheel changed on a regular basis.  Below are a few tips and a highly simplified visual to help you through the process.  As with all machine tools, please read and understand your machine manual before servicing your machine.  Talk to us for more detailed guidelines.

  • Always handle your centerless grinding wheels with care.  
  • Store your grinding wheels on shelves and never stack.
  • Before installation, review wheel specifications to confirm that the proper wheel is selected for the particular job.  Step 1 below.
  • Visually inspect each wheel for dents or nicks.  Step 2 below.
  • Conduct a “hammer test” on each centerless grinding wheel by gently tapping the entire wheel with a wooden hammer.  Vitrified wheels will produce clear metallic ping, while resinoid wheels yield a more muddled tone. An undamaged wheel produces consistent tones wherever it is tapped.  A cracked wheel delivers distinct sounds at different points.  Step 2 below.

Want to learn more about centerless grinding or need assistance with your centerless grinder?  Contact us. 

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