3 Ways You Can Lower the Cost of Operating Your Centerless Grinder

3 Ways You Can Lower the Cost of Operating Your Centerless Grinder

Companies across the economy are finding ways to do more with fewer financial resources.  To help you get the most out of your centerless grinder, here are three tips on how to lower the cost of operating your centerless grinding machine.  

Select the proper wheel

There are a number of factors to be considered when selecting the proper wheel for your centerless grinder application.  Be forewarned that premature wheel breakdown will lead to additional costly and time-consuming wheel dressing, longer cycle times and jeopardized part quality.  Work with your wheel manufacturer to make sure you have the best wheel for your job. 

Choose the best coolant you can afford and place it in the right place

With so many coolants available, how do you select the right one?   Seek guidance from any of the many quality coolant manufacturers available.  They’re only too willing to help you pick the right coolant for your centerless grinder, be it straight oil, synthetic or semi-synthetic, to name a few.  Each coolant type has its pros and cons, and the selection will be grinder- and application-based.  Oil is a very good lubricant, but much of the product is carried off with the part, and it is messy, too.  Synthetic or semi-synthetic coolants offer costs savings but may not have the level of lubricity that pure oil offers.  Bear in mind that the quality of the coolant also effects its longevity, which, in turn, reduces its cost.   

Even the latest and greatest fluid won’t provide the promised and crucial lubrication and cooling functions if it doesn’t get to the right place. To be both cost effective and support your manufacturing processes, the coolant must reach both the wheel and the part.  If this is not the case, long-term wheel wear and part quality can be compromised. 

Keep an eye on incoming stock removal

Removing less stock can lead to faster cycle times.  Another benefit is extended wheel wear, which translates to less wheel dressing. 

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