How to Develop an RFQ for a Centerless Grinder

How to Develop an RFQ for a Centerless Grinder

With the information in this blog, you’ll be able to better draft your centerless grinder RFQ, an integral part of the buying process.  As you search for the ideal supplier and decide who will be sent the RFQ for your centerless grinder, you should ask questions — lots of them — of potential vendors.   Centerless grinder equipment manufacturers possess a wealth of information and experience that they are only too willing to share.

The RFQ on buying centerless grinding equipment should contain: 

  • A short Introduction, describing the application.
  • Who responses should be directed to and who should be contacted for technical questions. Include physical addresses, phone, email addresses and websites.
  • When the quotation is due with details about the number of copies and the way the finished quote should be returned (email, overnight mail, regular mail, etc.).
  • Required delivery date of ordered machine
  • Part name and part number (include part drawing)
  • Diameters to be ground
  • Part length
  • Surface finish
  • Stock removal
  • Hardness
  • Critical characteristics and Cpk value required
  • Tolerances
  • Volume to be processed (hourly)
  • Required cycle time
  • Plant voltage
  • Coolant system, if required
  • Gauging system, if required
  • Automation required (gantry, robot, vibratory bowl feeder, etc.)
  • Control type (Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc.)
  • Required options

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