3 Three Things You Need to Know About Centerless Grinding

3 Three Things You Need to Know About Centerless Grinding

TGS asked its team to share thoughts and tips about centerless grinding.  Here are the top three things users need to know about centerless grinding. 

1.      Make sure you have consistent parts.

Stock removal plays a key role in centerless grinding accuracy. If you’re removing different amounts of stock from part lot to part lot, your final part size is going to vary.  Inconsistent stock removal also effects wheel dress intervals, causing premature wear of your centerless grinder wheel.

2.  Select the proper wheels for your centerless grinder.

Part size, part quality and cost all depend on proper wheel selection. If you want to maximize output from your centerless grinding machine – and who doesn’t, you must pick the correct wheels.  The proper wheels ensure the longest interval between wheel dressing, the minimal amount of wheel removed at dressing and the best part quality between dressing.

3.  Make sure your tooling is properly aligned on your centerless grinder.

The placement of your part between the grinding wheel and regulating wheel is key for size and surface finish.  The wheels keep the part resting on the blade, which ensures proper centerless grinding. 

What are your tips on centerless grinding?  Have questions about centerless grinding? Learn about TGS’ CNC centerless grinding machines, or  contact the TGS team to learn more about centerless grinding.  

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