Quality Manufacturing Is An Important Part Of Who We Are

Quality Manufacturing Is An Important Part Of Who We Are

Quality is an essential part of who we are. And while we make every effort to present you with useful information and not an ad, we want you to know that our focus on quality is serious and unwavering. That’s why this month’s blog focuses on one of Total Grinding Solutions’ (TGS) unique gems: our in-house metrology lab.  Specifically designed to ensure the quality of your centerless grinder and your centerless parts and components, our laboratory is the best and most technologically advanced testing facility in the industry.  The TGS metrology lab houses over one million dollars’ worth of state-of-the-art measuring devices, including top-of-the-line Carl Zeiss testing equipment:

•             ACCURA 9/18/7 coordinate measuring machine (CMM)

•             RONDCOM 60AS for form measurements

•             SURFCOM 500 for contour and surface measuring

TGS’ metrology laboratory offers you a number of benefits:

1. Quick results

You’ll get nearly instantaneous test results. No more long waits that often lead to unnecessary worry and delays.  

2. Ensured machine quality

All major machine components are tested before they are integrated into your equipment, ensuring excellent machine operation.    

3. Ensured part quality

Any variances from required specifications can be immediately addressed and corrected.

4.  Confidence

All testing is completed in-house, under the supervision of specially trained TGS employees.

5. Convenience

All test equipment is housed in an environmentally controlled clean room within the TGS plant.

If you’re interested in partnering with a company that values dedication, commitment and attention to details, please contact us.

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